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This 1 day Uganda safari is like no other. It allows you to enjoy the thrill of an Uganda Safari in a day. This is most suitable if you are in Uganda for a conference or work. This 1 Day Rhino trekking Safari takes you to the Nakasongola plains in search of the White rhino.

1 Day Rhino Trekking Safari

Ziwa rhino sanctuary is home to over 30 white rhinos in Uganda. It is the only place where rhinos can be seen later on trekked on your Uganda safari. The 70 square kilometer sanctuary is home to many more wildlife like white and black colobus monkeys, antelopes, and bird species.

1-Day Rhino Trekking Safari Detailed itinerary

After a very early departure, we will head towards the Zziwa rhino sanctuary. Just 180 km from Kampala, the drive time is 3 hours. We will make a breakfast stop at Kabalega Diner. After a refreshingly warm breakfast, we will head into the ranch for a safety briefing.

In this briefing, we will be given guidelines to help us on our Rhino trek. These rhinos are wild and it’s necessary to take precautions around them, hence the safety briefing. With experienced rangers, we will head out into the sanctuary in search of these giants. This trek is done on foot. Yes, we will trek on foot to locate the rhinos.

On this trek, we will see plenty of wildlife like oribi, bushbucks, and dicker, and primates like black and white colobus monkeys and vervet monkeys. Plenty of bird species like Shoe-bill, Franklin, weaver bird, blue eyes sterling, and many more can be seen. If you are lucky, a leopard may be sighted on your 1 Day Rhino trekking Safari.

On making contact with the rhinos, we will spend a few minutes with each rhino group. This is so that they don’t get agitated. We will see these massive grazers as they eat and move about. We will have a chance to see the different rhino groups on this Uganda safari.

Following the trek, we will have a late lunch and prepare for our journey back to Kampala. We will depart from the sanctuary and head for Kampala. The guide will drop you at your hotel after this short Uganda safari. This will mark the end of your 1 Day Rhino trekking Safari.

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